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Consultants In Pain Medicine PA

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(210) 805-9800
45 Ne Loop 410 Ste 950
San Antonio, TX 78216-5812
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We are a pain management practice in San Antonio, Texas providing the latest in pain treatment options for back pain, neck pain and more.

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(210) 805-9800

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San Antonio

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Back in about 1995 I was sent to Dr. Bacon at Consultants in Pain Management. I have chronic Interstitial Cystitis, migraines, cluster Headaches, and now fibromyalgia. I was put on methadone, as there was nothing more to do to have any quality of life. It worked great, and gave me my life back. However, in 2003 it just wasn't helping the chronic migraine at all, so I got off of the methadone for a few years. I didn't take anything for daily pain control. The migraines got much better thanks to menopause. I did go see Dr. Bacon for help with episodic cluster h/a. Nothing but a shot of staydol would work. My hometown ER told me to have Dr. Bacon call and leave standing orders for the staydol shot, and they would honor his wishes. During this time I was going through the most horrible time of my life. My husband of 20 years was having an affair, and being the Bank President had stolen every dime of my inheritance, not just mine my sister's too. I had never gone through a cluster alone, and had no help. After 5 trips in the dead of night to the ER, without one ounce of relief, and many calls to make sure they had left orders at the ER, (the ER staff told me Dr. Bacon's office had not called) I got mad. I was scared, suffering, confused and someone was outright lying to me. I raised thunder in person at the CIPM office. That was a huge mistake, you see I found out later that the ER was lying. I have been, blackballed? From seeing any Dr. at that group. I have been referred to several doctors there, but can not see them, as I can't get an appt. this outburst of anger from me was a once in a lifetime thing. I was under such extreme duress that I acted impulsively, I am begging for forgiveness, truly. I now have fibromyalgia on top of the IC and need to get the pain under control once more. I have found that their black balling me has destroyed my credibility, and getting help impossible. At no time did I ever have any problem with my medication. I am a happy, however hurting, well adjusted woman. Nothing like my outburst of anger will EVER happen again. I am pleading for an audience with a pain management doctor there to please give me a chance. I have tried to talk to someone there at the office to say this to, with no luck. I pray this reaches someone in charge. I am truly ashamed that I lost it that dreadful day, when it was just spiteful nurses at the ER telling me lies. I highly recommend this group to anyone in need of pain control. Sincerely Vicki Gates

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