The Cardinals have told Matt Leinart they will release him t

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The Cardinals have told Matt Leinart they will release him t

Post by etrytjhhm » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:47 pm

The Cardinals have told Matt Leinart they will release him today

The Cardinals have told Matt Leinart they will release him today, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.
It's not a surprise given the events of the last week, but Leinart was somehow holding out hope that he could stick in Arizona and get a chance to start at some point this season. It speaks volumes that the Cardinals were willing to give up Leinart for a seventh-round pick and found no takers -- not even his former college coach Pete Carroll. Leinart is not going to garner much interest around the league, especially while he thinks he deserves to be a starter.

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this decision goes beyond just the numbers
There have been quite a few people questioning whether Ken Whisenhunt did the right thing letting Matt Leinart go and sticking with Derek Anderson. Sure you can look at the numbers and argue for Matt Leinart - and pretty easily.
But this decision goes beyond just the numbers. Most decisions do.

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Let's use an illustration to define what possibly could be the reasoning Coach Whisenhunt is using.
Imagine you are a teacher of a middle school class. You have a student that continues to be a problem and finally one day he's really gotten under your skin. So you tell him frankly, "If you think you can do this better, you come up and teach the class." So he comes up and grabs the chalk. Now, he is the teacher. All of sudden, the students become rowdy and start acting crazy. You sit back and watch.
This is what the student wanted right. You sit and watch and chuckle inside because you see that his peers began to doubt his ability, and they take advantage of him. Finally, you take control, grab the chalk back and tell him to go sit down.

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But here is what you don't notice. A teacher is walking down the hall and peers in the classroom. He sees the rebellious student teaching the class, and the class is disruptive. The teacher is horrified and tells people that you can't control your class.
But she doesn't know the whole story does she? You know exactly what you're doing. bmnbnbt0

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