New to podcasting.

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New to podcasting.

Post by josepgoyl74 » Thu Dec 24, 2020 4:43 am

Hey everyone. Been thinking of starting a podcast for the last few months and finally took the plunge on Black Friday and ordered a mic and arm mount.

I’m thinking of doing a weekly podcast based on user submitted stories found on R/WritingPrompts. Looks like this idea was attempted back in 2017 but didn’t make it past four episodes.

My plan would be to introduce the weekly story, say who it was written by, and then read the story with some added effects to liven things up. Maybe an interview with the writer at the end if they are into that idea. I think episodes will be between 15-30 minutes at most. Maybe each episode will include two stories, depending.

Is there any sort of contract I should be presenting the authors of these pieces in order to ask permission to use them? If I cannot reach an author, or if their account is deleted, what kind of trouble could I get into by reading one of their stories?

Any tips and tricks would be appreciated. For equipment I have a Samson Q2U, Neuma arm mount and pop filter, Mac Air 2014 8gb RAM, with Garage Band.


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